Ongerustheid verontreinigd (o.a. radioactief) water in sinkhole Florida

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Mosaic plant sinkhole dumps 215 million gallons of reprocessed water into Floridan Aquifer (w/video)
It drained millions of gallons of acidic water laced with sulfate and sodium from a pool atop a 120-foot gypsum stack. An unknown amount of gypsum, a fertilizer byproduct with low levels of radiation, also fell into the sinkhole, which is believed be at least 300 feet deep.

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Goverment knew about Florida sinkhole that dumped radioactive material into ground water; did not notify public
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Concerns Grow Over Toxic Florida Sinkhole

Sinkhole on toxic pond has neighbors fuming

Sinkholes of Polk County, Florida , 2008

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